About this server

This is a Mapnik, postgresql server of the data available from fosm.org

The server has AMD 8150 Bulldozer eight core (3.6Ghz), 32 GB ram, 6Tb hdd.

The server is provided by me, if you want more info contact me at info at 4x4falcon dot com

It is currently (1 May 2015) running Ubuntu 12.04.5 server, postgresql 9.1, Mapnik 2.2, apache 2.2 with mod_tile, plus numerous other tools to render maps.


Additional map functions can be accessed by left clicking on the map.

What's Here - shows items at the mouse click location.

What's Here

Jump to latitude/longitude

Enter latitude and longitude below in decimal degrees (eg, -21.000,145.000)

Negative for south latitude and west longitude